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Past simple negative

1. Yesterday evening I watched TV.
2. I only cleaned my teeth four times last week.
3. Bruce repaired his mountain bike yesterday evening.
4. The concert last night started at 7.30 and ended at 10 o’clock.
5. The accident happened last Sunday afternoon.
6. When I was a child, I wanted to be a lawyer.
7. Mozart lived from 1756 to 1791.
8. We enjoyed our holiday last week.
9. Today the weather is nice, but yesterday it rained.
10. It was hot in the room, so I opened the window.
11. The weather was good yesterday afternoon, so we played tennis.
12. William Shakespeare died in 1616.

Fill in the negation.
1. They were at the party yesterday. They were at the party yesterday.
2. Paula wrote back. Paula wrote back.
3. We arrived late. We arrived late.
4. He played football. He football.
5. I forgot her birthday. I  forgot her birthday.
6. He washed the car. He washed the car.
7. She hurt her leg. She hurt her leg.
8. Sam was tired. Sam was tired.
9. I found the keys. I found the keys.
10. Martin visited his grandparents. Martin visited  his grandparents.
11. She tidied her room. She tidied her room.
12. He jumped high. He jumped tidied high.
13. Steve left the hotel three days ago. Steve left the hotel.
14. She was in Italy last summer. She was in Italy last summer.
15. Mr. Brown read my essay. Mr. Brown read my essay.

On Friday, the children talked (talk) about a day out together in the country. The next morning, they went (go) to the country with their two dogs and played (play) together. Ben and Dave had (have) some kites. Sometime later the dogs were (be) not there. So they called (call) them and looked (look) for them in the forest. After half an hour the children found (find) them and took (take) them back. Charlie was (be) very happy to see them again. At lunchtime, Nick went (go) to the bikes and fetched (fetch) the basket with some meat sandwiches. Then they played (play) football. Nick and Dave won (win). In the evening they rode (ride) home.

1. She wins the money. She won the money.
2. They can eat. They could eat.
3. She must go. She had to go.
4. We go shopping. We went shopping.
5. She runs to school. She ran to school.
6. I can walk. I could walk.
7. We buy a new car. We bought a new car.
8. They leave the party. They left the party.
9. We collect coins. We collected coins.
10. You are allowed to eat. You were allowed to eat.
11. Peter eats a hamburger. Peter ate a hamburger.
12. She has to wash it. She had to wash it.
13. They want to go home. They wanted to go home.
14. I close the windows. I closed the windows.
15. She studies for a test. She studied for a test.
16. They can drive. They could drive.
17. Sam likes to laugh. Sam liked to laugh.
18. Mary goes home. Mary went home.
19. We write a letter. We wrote a letter.
20. She opens the window. She opened the window.

The students of class 8B did (do) a project last week. First, the pupils chose (choose) what they wanted to do. Then they got (get) information from books and brochures, and they talked (talk) to a lot of people. They found (find) some interesting photos in the library. Their teacher helped (help) them when they asked (ask) her. Then they made (make) a poster and a video and told (tell) the other groups about their project.



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