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My favorite place in Armenia and why I am suggesting everyone to start climbing to the mountain

Climbing Volcano Azhdahak

Notes were taken from Armenian Geographic web page

Mount Azhdahak is an extinct volcano, the highest point of Geghama Mountain Range, located at an altitude of 3597 meters above the sea level. On the top of the mountain a crystal-clear crater lake is situated, which is filled with icy water of the mountains all year round. While climbing Azhdahak you can admire the views of Mount Ararat, Hatis, Ara and Aragats. These mountains keep many secrets and mysteries.

Azhdahak is one of the most popular destinations for hiking and trekking in Armenia. Geghama Mountains are also a perfect place for climbing, as there are a lot of different routes.

Climbing Azhdahak

In Armenian mythology, Azhdahak is a man-dragon (Vishap), whose name is Azhidahaka. Azhi means snake, dragon, who fights against the god of thunder Freydun. Vishaps live high in the sky, but sometimes they descend into the depths of the lake, while emitting a dreadful roar.

Ancient myths are reflected in the mysterious stone paintings. Scientists from all over the world climb this mountains to see the petroglyphs on the rocks. But until now, a mystery which they keep, remains unsolved.

I also climbed the mountain Azdahak, when I was 8 years old boy. I climbed it with my father and uncle Gayane. I suggest my friends to visit Armenian mountains, since people should know and love their Country.

  • Location – Gegharkunik region
  • Height of the mountain – 3597 m
  • Altitude gain – 600 m
  • Distance from Yerevan – 50 km
  • Length of the route – 12 km
  • The best hiking period –  June-September


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