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11.01.21, English

A. Answer these questions. 

1. Where did Mrs. Briggs live? She lived  in London

 2. Why was Mrs. Briggs surprised? Because her dishwasher did not put cup into cupboard.

3. Did Mrs. Briggs’s dishwasher dry the plates and other things? Yes

 4. Did it put them away? No

 5. Did Mrs. Williams’s dishwasher put the things in the cupboard?Yes

 6. Who was Mrs. Williams’s dishwasher?  Mrs Williams herself.

B. Write these sentences. 

Put one of these words in each empty place:

 an  any no none some 

1. Mrs. Briggs was rich, but Mrs. Williams was not. Mrs. Briggs had . an. . beautiful carpets, but Mrs. Williams didn’t have  any . 

2. Mrs. Briggs had . an  expensive furniture, but Mrs. Williams had none

 3. Mrs. Briggs had  expensive dishwasher, but Mrs. Williams did not have any machines in her kitchen.

 4. Mrs. Briggs had  nice roses in her garden, but Mrs. Williams had no flowers in hers. 5. 

Mrs. Briggs had  big trees in her garden too, but Mrs Williams had none. 

C. Write this story. 

Put one of these words in each empty place:

 he him his her it its she 

Mrs. Williams had a good baby: She never cried, and her clothes were always clean. 

Mrs. Briggs was very surprised and said, ‘When my daughter was small, I gave her lots of food, but she cried a lot, and her clothes were always dirty. Why is your baby so different? How do you do . . . ?’ ‘Well,’ answered Mrs. Williams, ‘my first child was a boy. I always gave him a lot of food, he  got very fat, and his stomach was always full. He cried a lot and was dirty. Now I give my new baby much less, and she is happy and clean.